This course is geared for the college-bound student and will prepare the student in the areas of grammar/mechanics, writing, research, and literature, as well as service learning. AP/Dual Credit Option: The student can opt to take the course for Advanced Placement credit and must then take the AP test in May or may opt to take the course as a dual credit through Wright State University, Celina. (For information on either of these options, check in the guidance office.)

welcome This course provides a basic, broad background for the student who may pursue a post-secondary option or directly enter the workforce upon graduation. The topics covered will include a variety of world authors with a focus on world mythology, British writers, research, grammar and mechanics, and general writing instruction.

Welcome  The 2013-2014 school year in Junior-Senior English covers the American Tradition. Units this year will focus on the history, literature, and culture of the American peoples from the Native Americans to current day as well as grammar, writing, research and Common Core skills necessary for success in college and career endeavors.  

Students will complete a career unit which includes creating a Career Passport including a resume and skills assessment and collection of information about their potential careers and future education needs.