This is a 9-weeks course that will allow 8th grade students to revisit crucial moments in history in order to reexamine the events, conduct research, make judgment calls, and learn for the future! There will be a heavy emphasis on identifying legitimate web resources, as well as appropriately screening for biased opinions or conflicts of interest.  Students will work in small groups to improve upon individual writing techniques, and will use peer review as an opportunity to get better at editing and writing for a finished, final copy.

"By force of nearly two and a half centuries, we tend to view our history as an inevitable chain of events leading to a sure conclusion." - Jon Meachem, historian and writer.

The study of early American history (Founding, Revolution, Expansion, Civil War) is much more than a collection of notable dates, facts and figures.  Crestview 8th grade students will examine our American republic as something that was quite susceptible and fragile.  The journey from nation-birthing to nation-sustaining was fraught with incredible perils and challenges along the way.  Our American history is much more than a narrative---it is an interactive lesson that will help our 8th grade students better appreciate and develop their potential civic futures.